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What Our Community is Saying

Miami Jews has been such a little haven for me since I moved to Miami. Having previously lived in areas with virtually no Jewish community, it has been such a blessing to have finally found a space where I feel like I am at home. The warmth and joy I have experienced from my time in Miami Jews is something that has truly meant the world to me. It is a reminder to always appreciate the value of community and to never take the feeling of “belonging” for granted.

When I went to my first Miami Jews event I didn’t know what to expect but everyone there was friendly and it have been ever since. Some of my favorite nights are those spent at Miami Jews events while meeting so many different and wonderful people. I am always looking forward to the next event. I have finally found a community where I can be myself.

I joined Miami Jews right about the time I moved to Miami from out-of-state. Miami Jews has allowed me to continue practicing Judaism by connecting with the local Jewish community, participating in charitable causes, and creating new friendships. Thanks to Miami Jews, my husband, who has chosen the path to Judaism, was able to gain new experiences through Miami Jews hosted holidays and events. I feel grateful for being part of this organization that has enriched my life immensely.

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